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Member Classifications


Any private enterprise engaged in business and other entrepreneurial activities operating in the AEROSPACE and related industries for profit or the exercise of a profession shall be eligible as a Regular Member, provided that:
1. It is doing business in the Philippines.
2. It is registered with the appropriate government agency/agencies, company should be at least one year in operation from the time of registration.
3. It has business permit to operate from the appropriate Local Government Unit.
4. Company should have supported by the latest financial statement.


Any business association or sectoral organization duly registered under the laws of the Philippines shall be eligible as Association Member, Provided majority of its members posses the qualifications of a Regular Member under the AIAP by-laws.


Officer or Executive employed in Government bodies, who are designated to take charge of business affairs and development agenda for Aerospace and related industries qualified and subject to the endorsement of the Executive Head of the Government body which he is tasked to represent.


Any entity which does not meet the above membership qualification shall be eligible as an Affiliate Member. An Affiliate Member shall be entitled to all the rights and privileges of a Regular member, except the right to vote and be voted upon.

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