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The AIAP is a non-stock, non-profit and non-governmental organization of small, medium and large enterprises in the Philippine Aerospace and Aviation Industries. AIAP was registered with the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission last August 1, 2012, Reference SEC Registration No. CN 2012314332.

The AIAP aims to help its members find their customers, partners, to serve new export market and achieve sustainable competitiveness in the global arena; providing focused support works, representation and networking services with customers, government industry, academe, financial institutions, quality and productivity organizations, and other non-governmental bodies.

The primordial role of the Association is geared towards the establishment of the Philippine Aerospace Supply Chain on the following specific fields of intervention:

• Infusion of Technology with partner Technology Providers

• Enhancement of Manpower Knowledge and Skills thru Education and Training with partners in Government and Educational Institutions

• Application of Quality Management Systems of member companies

• Implementation of Productivity Methodologies at Firm Level

The general membership companies enlisted constitute entities which are manufacturers, MRO, airlines, aviation school, secondary processors, sub-contractors, suppliers, traders, (dealers and importers) based and operating business in the country.

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  • To be the leading organization, enabling partnerships and serving as collective voice of the stakeholders, in promoting growth and development of the Philippine aerospace industry.
  • Promote and establish business collaboration and integration to support competitiveness in product cost, quality and delivery.
  • Promote a culture of excellence in manufacturing through technical competence in manpower, advanced manufacturing technologies, and advanced quality systems.
  • Serve as liaison of the memberships in influencing government policies and development programs: partnering with government and established institutions to revitalize and elevate the state of Philippine aerospace industry.


  • For the Philippines to be a major hub for manufacturing of OEM parts & allied services (MRO) for the global commercial aircraft manufacturing industry.


  • Support current aerospace product exports and ten-year business plan.
  • Create government lead initiatives on process capability building and training in the supply chain.
  • Lobby for improvements in government incentives for aerospace manufacturing investors both for bridging supply chain gaps and huge capital investments.
  • Equip companies and the supply chain for aerospace manufacturing accreditation i.e. AS9100, NADCAP
  • Strengthen integration of supply chain capabilities as follows:
  • CNC machining and metrology
  • Surface treatment and heat treatment and other special processes
  • Non-destructive testing, chemical test, met lab
  • Composite’s manufacturing
  • Establish linkages with the government and private institutions to continually improve and develop education and training in the areas of:
  • CNC machining and manufacturing technology
  • Surface Treatment and chemical technology
  • Heat treatment technology
  • AS 9100
  • Network with established institutions, local or foreign to share lessons learnt and develop synergies e.g. PADC, Clark Aviation Council, etc.
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