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Zen Metal Coating and Processing Corporation

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Company Address: Tyrepro Bldg., President Laurel Hi-way, San Roque, Sto. Tomas, Batangas 4234

Contact Number: Tel No. +63 (02) 475-5807

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About us:

The Zen Metal Team is composed of personnel and experts coming from the No. 1 in Type III (Hard) Anodizing Company in the country (whose clients include B/E Aerospace, MD Aerospace, RTG, and Cutting Edge Corporation – leading companies in the aerospace and metal fabrication industries).

Zen Metal also specializes in Nickel, Zinc, Brass, Chrome, Hard Chrome and Electroless Nickel plating, Silver plating , Passivation and Priming.

Zen Metal operates in a 1020 square meters facility, having three (3) working shifts possible every single day, 24/7, to meet the demands of our clients.

Company History:

Zeny Quindoza is a partner owner of the well known Ayashi Design Company”, terminated her partnership and decided to setup a new one. Together with Mr. Joseph C. Catoy his operation manager who is in 20 years of experiences on technicalities and knowledge in chrome plating and the very supportive President of the board, Ms. Teresita Malilim who supported her financials during over a decade of her metal coating business. The Board of Directors strongly believed on her knowledge and ability of making the business successful, all because of her quality services, practiced and experienced for 10 years.

Because of her dedication and passion for the business and for the benefit of her same employees, the corporate officers are convened and decided to put up the company and be known again in the world of metal industries as the “best metal surface treatment company.


And now “Zen Metal Coating and Processing Corporation” for a period of one year completely setup all process and still continue servicing the old major clients who proved and still believed on her quality services rendered.

We are now a company supported with all legal documents required by the government and on -going for AS-9100D-2016 certification.

Corporate Officers:

  • Teresita A. Malilim, President/CEO
  • Irma A. Galang, Finance Manager and Corporate Treasurer
  • Azucena P. Quindoza, Marketing Manager
  • Joseph S. Catoy, Technical and Operations Manager
  • Oliver D. Bayot, Lawyer,CPA,MBA, Corporate Secretary
  • Rolando A. Jaberina, Operation Administrator/QHSE Manager

Board of Directors:

  • Irma A. Galang
  • Teresita A. Malilim
  • Rosalinda A. Estaris
  • Alex Estaris
  • Oliver D. Bayot


  • Well trained and experienced work force
  • Averaging eight (8) years of work experience
  • Expert Occupational Health and Safety personnel to ensure compliance with QHSE Standards and requirements.
  • Expert quality control specialist to ensure effective Quality Assurance System in compliance with the standard set by the International Standard ISO9001 (Quality Systems)


To provide clients with the best quality metal coating and plating services 24/7, to enable them to increase productivity, save on costs, and/or produce products of outstanding quality.


To become the Best and Leading provider of coating and plating services in the country.

To be recognized globally as certified company complying to International Standard Certification AS9100D-2016 to a Nadcap Certified in a couple of years.

QHSE Management System:

Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental (QHSE) Management System is an integral and essential part of the way we do our business and is considered an equal part of the wider system for the management of our business.

Through effective management, Zen Metal aims to be the preferred contractor and the favored employer.

Zen Metal’s unique integration of Quality and HSE will boost not only the integrity of its service products but also setting out the requirements that constitute the expectations for divisional compliance of Zen Metal safety policy.

Zen Metal’s unique QHSE Management System model is comprised of Eight interrelated elements with underlying expectations:

  1. Commitment, Leadership and Accountability
  2. Policies and Objectives
  3. Organization and Resources
  4. Contractor and Supplier Management
  5. Risk Management
  6. Business Process (Design and Planning)
  7. Implementation and Monitoring (Recording)
  8. Assessment and Continuous Improvement

At Zen Metal, we “aim to do the right thing the first time, every time

  • Hard Chrome                                   
  • Hexavalent Yellow Zinc
  • Flash Chrome                                 
  • Yellow Alodine
  • Black Chrome                                   
  • White Alodine
  • Nickel Chrome                                 
  • Electropolish
  • Black Oxide                                       
  • Tin Plating
  • Electrolytic Nickel
  • Electroless Nickel
  • Passivation
  • Hard Clear Anodizing
  • Hard Black Anodizing
  • Clear Anodizing
  • Black Anodizing
  • Multi-Colored Anodizing
  • Adhesive Priming
  • Brass Plating
  • Silver Plating
  • Buffing
  • Trivalent Blue Zinc
  • Trivalent Yellow Zinc
  • Hexavalent Black Zinc

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