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Toyo Seat Philippines Corp

Company Address: Lot 7A Greenfield Automotive Park, Brgy. Don Jose, SEPZ, Sta Rosa Laguna, 4026

Contact Number: Tel. 02-812-4088

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Management Philosophy:

  • Putting Associate Satisfaction First 

Only when our associates are satisfied can we truly satisfy our customers. Dream-inspiring products flow from happy producers, and innovation comes from being free-spirited. Fair and impartial evaluation of each associate’s experience, ability, achievement level, motivation and integrity will lead to job satisfaction, which in turn, will help the company and its associates to grow in unison.

  • Shaping the Future with Human Warmth

No matter how times change, there is always a need for maternal “warmth”.

We aim to deliver products and services that bring smiles to the faces of our customers with such warmth. It is uniqueness that helps us to create value, gives us a competitive advantage and enables us to make a difference in the world. A world full of life, in which young members of the community demonstrate their abilities through encouragement from their seniors while the elderly and the disadvantaged are supported and empowered-that is the kind of world that we envision. We hope to leave the world a better place and that children in the future will stay. “Thank you for making our world so wonderful.”

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