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Society of the Aerospace Engineers of the Philippines, Inc.

Company Address: Lombos Avenue, San Isidro Parañaque City

Contact Number: Tel. (+63 2) 986 5533

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How to be a Professional Aeronautical Engineer?:

  • Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical Engineering
    • 5-year course
    • K-12 (4-year course thru CHED CMO 93 series 2017)
  • Pass the licensure examination for Aeronautical Engineering (passing rate is <50%)
  • Comply with CPD law

Aeronautical / Aerospace:

  • Aeronautical engineering is a branch of aerospace engineering
  • Aerospace Engineering should not be offered due to CHED CMO 28 series 2007

CHED CMO 28 series 2007:

Society of Aerospace Engineers of the Philippines (SAEP):

  • Founded in 1950
  • Played a key role for passage of PD 1570 in 1978
  • Renamed Society of Aerospace Engineers of the Philippines in 1984
  • Accredited by PRC in 1984
  • Accredited as CPD provider in 2017


  • Member of the Philippine Technological Council (PTC)
  • Member of the Aerospace Industries Association of the Philippines (AIAP)


Aeronautical Engineers

  • The only registered professionals regulated by the PRC in the aviation industry
  • They are required to continuously develop professionally
  • Key skills (attention to detail and problem solving)

Society of Aerospace Engineers of the Philippines

  • Accredited Integrated Professional Organization of Aeronautical Engineers in the Philippines
  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Provider
  • 1,800 members
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