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SIA Engineering Philippines Corporation

Company Address: A. Bonifacio ave. civil Aviation complex,CFZ Clark Philippines, 2023

Contact Number: Tel No. +63(045) 499 8886;
Fax No. +63 (045) 499 1287;

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An Introduction to SIAEP—Your MRO of Choice:

SIA Engineering (Philippines) is a joint venture of SIA Engineering Corporation (65%) and Cebu Pacific Air (35%), incorporated in July of 2008 and became fully operational in August of the following year. SIAEP is strategically located at A. Bonifacio Avenue, Civil Aviation Complex, Clark Free Port Zone, Pampanga, just a few miles north of Manila.

It performs primarily Base Maintenance and Line Maintenance, with 13 air-worthiness approvals from different countries including FAA (US) and EASA (EU), two (2) training organization approvals (EU and Philippines) and a growing roster of customers.

Our Vision:

We are the Regional MRO of choice for world-class Operators, offering quality products and services of the highest safety standards and at the most competitive pricing.

Our Mission:

  • “Delivering In Full and On-Time” to customers of cost-competitive products and services at the highest standards of quality and safety
  • Providing our employees opportunities for growth in a fulfilling career and developing them to become empowered individuals who are highly-qualified, dedicated, happy, and healthy
  • Providing our shareholders with healthy returns and growth on their investments
  • Contributing to the continuous development and growth of the local aviation industry
  • And to uphold environment-friendly practices in our operations.

The team comprising SIA Engineering (Philippines) are highly competent, knowledgeable and dedicated individuals.

Our Mechanics and Inspectors, who have various Aircraft/Engine ratings, are honed even more to gain additional capabilities. Our Technical Instructors are also equipped with technical knowledge and up-to-date information for the courses that SIA Engineering (Philippines) offers.

Our support staff members are highly skilled individuals and together, they make a great team. Driven, knowledgeable and passionate, SIA Engineering (Philippines) employees work hand-in-hand towards one goal – Service Excellence.

Our Facilities:

SIAEP features three hangars.

Hangar 1 has a floor area of 4,700 sq m., is fully enclosed, can fit the A320 family of aircraft and comes complete with a docking facility.­

Hangar 2 has a floor area of 2,900 sq m., can fit the A320 family of aircraft and comes complete with a docking facility.

Hangar 3, a three-bay hangar which has a floor area of 8,600 sq m. and is custom built to handle the wide-body A330 and B777 aircraft types simultaneously with a narrow-body on each side and has the only Megadoor in the country.


Since 2009, SIAEP has performed over 190 checks and lease-returns on the A320 family for Customers around the globe. These aircraft are either fitted with CFM56 or V2500 engines.


SIA Engineering (Philippines) is a well-established MRO company with a wide array of solutions for all your MRO needs. Our quality is in our service and our pride is in our upheld promise for customer satisfaction. In addition to our base maintenance and line maintenance capabilities, we provide inspection services, Non-destructive testing (NDT) services and other supplementary services, making us the one-stop service provider of choice for your fleet. Our mother company in Singapore, SIA Engineering Company, also provides us support for any Customer requests that we have no capability to perform.

Specialised Services

We provide the following NDT services where required:

  • Ultrasonic Inspection
  • Penetrant Inspection
  • Thermography Inspection
  • Eddy Current Inspection
  • Magnetic Particle Inspection


  • Borescope Inspection

Back-end Support Shops

  • Sheet Metal Workshop
  • Composite Repair Workshop
  • Paint Workshop
  • Cabin Interior Refurbishment Workshop
  • Planning & Production Control
  • Battery Charging
  • Oxygen Charging

Specialised Services

Aegle – Base Maintenance

Air Asia Berhad – Line Maintenance

Apollo Aviation/Sasof III – Base Maintenance

Cebu Pacific – Base and Line Maintenance

Emirates – Line Maintenance

Golden Myanmar Airlines – Base Maintenance

ILFC/Aercap – Base Maintenance

Jetstar Pacific Airlines – Base Maintenance

Macquarie AirFinance – Base Maintenance

Myanmar Airways International – Base Maintenance

PAL Express – Base Maintenance

PAL Express (through SIAEC) – Base Maintenance

Philippine Airlines – Base Maintenance

Philippine AirAsia – Base Maintenance

PT Mandala Airlines – Base Maintenance

PT Metro Batavia – Base Maintenance

Qatar Airways – Line Maintenance

Singapore Airlines – Line Maintenance

SilkAir – Base Maintenance

Sky Angkor – Base Maintenance

Tiger Air Philippines – Base and Line Maintenance

Tiger Air Philippines (through SIAEC) – Base Maintenance

Tiger Australia – Base Maintenance

Tiger Singapore – Line Maintenance

Tiger Singapore – Base Maintenance

UPS – Line Maintenance

VietJet – Base Maintenance

Zestair – Base Maintenance and Line Maintenance

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