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Philjets Aero Services Inc.

Company Address: AAOP Hangar 2, Manila Domestic Airport PHILIPPINES

Contact Number: Tel No. +63 (02)851 0639

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  • PHILJETS AERO SERVICES: Investments, Aviation Services, Distribution, Business Partner
  • PHILJETS AERO CHARTER: Air Transportation, Aircraft Management, Tourism, Geophysics Mining
  • STARLINE GLOBAL INDUSTRIES PTE LTD (Singapore): Holding, Consulting, Business Partner, Purchasing Center


We aim to be the leading provider of aerospace needs, driving the market and setting the standards of the aviation industry in the Philippines and to be recognized worldwide. It is our goal to make the country the ideal destination for leisure with the thousands of islands to choose from and also as an emerging market to invest in, while protecting the global environment and its sustainability.


The company envisions setting the standard in the Philippine aerospace. We want to be our client‟s first choice as a service provider and to rely on us for all their requirements in the following:


1.     Our Success lies within our people

Empowering Work environments: We believe in teamwork and team spirit. We strive to create an environment where there is respect and each member can flourish as well as reaching his or her highest potential.

Incremental Progress: Our Company will continue learning through unleashing collective creativity and intelligence of our team. We recognize that everyone has a contribution to make and that is how we keep getting better at what we do.

2.      Customer Satisfaction

Our Customers: Our customers are our partners in this business. It is our pledge to give them the best value-for-money and their investment without compromising comfort and safety.

We go the extra mile: We want to exceed our clients‟ expectations. It‟s more than just flying but also the hands-on service experience we can offer you.

3.      Innovation

Service Development: Innovation spells out our difference from the rest. We find ways to improve our services, deliver solutions and offer new techniques and methods in our services and through our internal processes.


  • Date of Creation: January 2013
  • Shareholding: 40% Starline Global Industries / 60% Filipino Investors
  • Main Activities: Aviation Services, Aircraft Management, Aircrafts Sales, Spare Parts Sales, Maintenance Services, Technical Support, Manpower & Outsourcing, Representation, Charter Flights, Helicopter Tours, Aerial Work
  • Registration PACC: SEC No. CS200612627, TIN No. 006-348-096-000
  • Registration PASI: SEC No. CS201300189, TIN No. 008-442-399-000
  • Licenses: Aircraft Operator Certficate (AOC) 2014059, Approved Maintenance Organization (AMO) No. 146-15, Aircraft Material Distributor Certificate (AMDC) No 02-2013
  • Headcount: 26 employees (incl. 5 French-speaking)
  • Group Turnover 2015: 5M USD with 2016 projection of 11USD
  • Hangars: 2, AAOP Hangar and WCC Hangar
  • Fleet Management: 5 helicopters + 1 Fixed Wing
  • Passengers flown: 3000+ (from 2014-present)
  • Fleet Market Share: 20% (civil & parapublic operators)
  • Companies We Represent: Airbus Group, AJ Walters Group, Aquos Air
  • AJW Customers: PAL, PAL Ex, Cebu Pacific, LTP, SIAEP, Airasia Zest, A+, ITI, Dornier Technology
  • Aerial Work Customers: PHILEX Mining, San Miguel , Yann Arthus Bertrand (Hope Production), SEG Inc. (Survivor US Caramoan Island), Aviatnetworks-UK
  • Charter Customers: Solaire Resort & Casino, The Peninsula Manila, International Committee of the Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders, French Embassy, Universal Harvester Inc.,Vivant Corporation, G4S International Logistics Inc. HK, Teleperformance, Philippine Transmarine Corporation, Sumitomo Corp., Luenthai Group, Anchorland Holdings Inc., Phil. Research Institute/Credi Suisse Security, Royal Star Aviation, Tiger Resort, Cemex Strategies Philippines, Boracay Uptown Hotel, East Coast Mineral Co. Inc., Grabtaxi, SSI, STS Tours, TDG.


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