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Philippine Air Force

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The Philippine Air Force at present is in the midst of a transformation effort aimed at revitalizing its territorial defense capabilities while retaining the ability to support AFP internal security operations as well as national development efforts and respond to calamities. Executive Order 292 further states that “The Philippine Air Force shall be responsible for the Air Defense of the Philippines”. With this EO in mind, the PAF’s mission is “To organize, train, equip, maintain and provide forces in order to conduct prompt and sustained air operations to accomplish the AFP mission.” Thus, it is imperative for the PAF to modernize its capabilities to accomplish its mission and functions.

The PAF expects greater investments in defense as the government moved forward to capacitate the AFP to effectively and fully perform its constitutional mandate of upholding our sovereignty and preserve the patrimony of the Republic of the Philippines. As the annual allocations by the government for the Modernization of the Armed Forces increased five-fold over the previous annual allocations received from the year 2000 to 2010, the PAF deemed it necessary to tap our potential local defense industry to sustain its newly and about to acquire defense equipment.

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