Moog Controls Corporation, Philippine Branch
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Moog Controls Corporation, Philippine Branch

Company Address: Baguio City Economic Zone.Loakan Road Baguio City Philippines

Contact Number: Direct: +63746618200

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Company Profile:

William C. Moog was an inventor, entrepreneur and visionary, who in 1951 developed a device called the electro-hydraulic servovalve. This device, which works by translating a tiny electrical impulse into precise & powerful movement, revolutionized the  aerospace and space industry, and led to the creation of the company we know today as Moog Inc.

Moog Worldwide:

MOOG Baguio Over 2.9 Decades:

Year 1985

24 Employees

1 Building

2 Products

40,000 Hours

Year 2014

1156  Employees

15 Buildings

        Future: under construction

– 3PL Warehouse – replacement for steelstore

7.2 Ha Campus full, working on next 6.5 Ha

Facility Key Information:

  • Total Land Area:   4.2 Hectares (East)

     5.7 Hectares (West)

  • Number of buildings: 6 single floor mfg

  2 single floor special ops

  1 two floor administration

  1 HR Building

  2 Service Buildings

  1 two floor OMED Building

  1 single floor steel store

  • Total Manpower :   1,156 employees
  • Production Capacity 1,328,000 Hours


  • Servoactuators

  1,300  units per month

  • Servovalves

  2,500 units per month

  • Gears

  2,000 units per month


  • Servovalve

  1,900 units per month


Independent fabricated parts

  – 25,000 units per month

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