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First Philec Inc.

Company Address: 2nd St. Extension, First Philippines industrial Park, Brgy Ulango, Tanauan City Batangas

Contact Number: Tel. No. (+632) 546 6045 +63 2 8 546 6065 loc.101 (Front Desk) loc. 107 Sourcing, loc. 105 Finance

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FIRST PHILEC INC. is the electrical solutions arm of FPH

First Philec, Inc. through its former manufacturing arm, Philippine Electric Corporation, has more than 40 years of manufacturing experience on transformers

EU’s technical design pedigree is a mix of American

and Japanese technologies:

  • Hitachi (Japan) – 1970 (DT), 1991 (PT)
  • General Electric (USA) – 1978
  • Cooper Power Systems (USA) – 1991

BIGGEST transformer manufacturing facility in the country

  • Located in First Philippine Industrial Park
    • Design and manufacturing capability of up to 667 kVA of Distribution Transformers and up to 4 MVA for Pad-mounted Transformers
    • Production capacity of 1200 units of DTs and 30 units of PDTs
    • Strongest testing capability, reinforcing our position as lead manufacturer in the country

Technical Services

  • Power Delivery (PD) Equipment Services
    • On-site repair and testing services for all kinds of static electric apparatus
  • Preventive Maintenance Services
    • Transformer and oil purification
    • Protective relay, electric meter calibration, and operation check
    • Location and rectification of faults in equipment and electrical circuit
    • Final testing and commissioning of electrical equipment
  • Condition-based Assessment of HV Electrical Equipment
    • Done in cooperation with TJH2b, which is an internationally renowned testing laboratory
    • Series of tests are conducted to determine present state of equipment and its components as a preventive measure
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