Efficient Maschinentechnics Inc.

About Us
Efficient Maschinentechniks (E-MAC) Inc., which was established in July 21, 2006,specializes in manufacturing of high quality, precision Semi-Conductor, Electronic, Microawave parts, fabrication of jigs and fixtures, stamping die, and machine parts such as:

Wire bond clamp and inserts
Precision mold and die tools
Aluminum/Plastic Jedec trays
Jigs and fixtures
Aluminum pallets
Test sockets, connectors
Precision Dispensing Nozzle
PCB Process Carrier Pallets
PCB Test Fixtures
ICT Adapter Assemblies
Vacuum Molds
Electronics Casings
We pride ourselves with our versatile, skilled, competent, hands-on machinists and highly experienced management team.

Quality Policy

E-MAC is committed to quality, value and service. Our Primary Focus is to meet your specific requirements and exceed your expectations. We continually strive to improve our Quality Management System, which allows us to deliver the highest quality products on time and with no unpleasant surprises or delays.
We operate an equipped metrology lab, with experienced, highly trained personnel. Some of our Quality Control equipment include:

Mitutoyo Profile Projectors PH3500 with QM Data
Mitutoyo CNC Quick Scopes OS250Z/RF
Mitutoyo Tool Maker’s Microscope
Mitutotyo AR-10 Hardness Tester
Mitutoyo Gauge Blocks
Pin Gauges (range 0.20 to 3.0 diameter by 0.01mm inc)
Digital Calipers, Micrometers, Depth Gauges
Coordinate Measuring Machine
Brown & Sharp Global Performance Silver
Our Quality Department is always available to ensure you receive immediate assistance on questions related to:

Product traceability
Quality Inspection Report
Certificate of Conformance
Material Certification


Company Details


Efficient Maschinentechniks, Inc. Mountview Industrial Complex I, Bancal , Carmona Cavite , 4116

09256501237 / (046)482-0468