Aurochs Aerospace Precision Manufacturing Corp.



AAPMC is focused on achieving customer loyalty by exceeding customer satisfaction, continually improving our processes and products and meeting all contractual and legislative requirements regarding them.


The aurochs symbolizes reliability and stability. It also shows persistence, strength and power. The aurochs shows the positive attributes of strength, confidence, determination and deserved pride.

True to the name we adopted, we will be a reliable and stable partner to our customers. Through consistency, quality and determination to be number 1, we will persist through difficulties, we will have strength to overcome all obstacles and we will have the power to change our company, our lives, our community, our families and ourselves for the better.
We will adopt to change. We will embrace technology and use it to augment all systems in our company so that we can focus on our customers. We will not just strive for customer satisfaction but strive for customer loyalty. We believe in the people who work with us. We believe that each individual should have pride in what they do, no matter what job they have. We deserve the love and respect from the company, from our families and from our communities by loving and respecting ourselves through our work. We will take action, when there is an opportunity. We will take responsibility for our actions. We are the individuals that make up AAPMC.


AAPMC provides products/services to the Industrial, Automotive and Aerospace and Defense markets, which demand high quality and leading edge products and services as well as on time delivery and competitive prices.


Company Details


Synchronic Bldg., Lot-44D Pine Road, BCEZ, Loakan Road , Baguio Benguet , 2600