"Your Partner in Precision Manufcaturing"

Alpha Techno Precision Tooling is specialized in manufacturing of high quality machined components and assemblies in a wide range of materials.

The company was established 2009 and is located in Cavite Economic Zone, Rosario, Cavite – South of Manila the capital city of Philippines. Committed to provide quality fabricated precision tooling, jigs, fixtures and metal parts.

The company has grown fast in recent year because of customer satisfaction which is the main focus of the company’s quality policy. Alpha Techno Precision is a ISO 9001:2015 certified company by URSP (United Registrar of Systems Philippines).

These achievements are the result of our open culture on stimulating the development of our team of professionals.

I. Our Strengths

Equipped with modern and latest technology on CNC machining
Temperature controlled QC with CMM measurement Brawn and Sharp with accuracy of 2 microns.
Professional team of design engineers using Auto Desk Inventor.
Products distributed to our customers in local and export markets.

Main Equipment:

HAAS CNC Machine
CHMER Wire-cut
Brawn and Sharp CMM
Easson Profile Projector

II. Technical Specifications

Size: dia. 0.05 mm to 1000 mm
Length: 1 mm to 1000 mm


Stainless Steel 304 and 316
Engineering Plastics (Torlon, Natural Peek, Delrin, Teflon, CDR6, POM Black and Ultem, Aluminum T6061, T7071 and Ordinary Brass 360, Carbon Graphite and Carbide

Auto CAD Professional Software Support for
Reverse Engineering

Design Modification and Customization Development
A vector-based graphics that depict objects in two and three dimensions.
Increased design productivity with top advantage both initial composition and in any changes that takes place.
Simplifies manufacturing process

Profile Projector

EASON Profile Projector
Lens Magnification : 10x and 20x
Can provide accurate 2D measurement for all common geometric features such as circle,line, angle, distance, location and radius.

Height Digimatic Indicator

Size: 1000mm x 750mm
Tolerance 3 micron
With support cylindrical sleeve base with a height indicator slide with changing of green/red back light color for easy go / no go reading


Company Details


Blk 16 Phase 4 , Imus Cavite , 4103